A Simpler Way of Compliance PeopleClear

PeopleClear orange banner with logo in the centre

A Clean Slate

PeopleClear SMCR (Senior Managers and Certification Regime) is a piece of software created for organisations and their Senior Managers to address the challenges inherent in demonstrating compliance, predominantly in the finance sector.

Having outgrown their old brand, they came to us with a desire to explore a new direction for their identity and software UX and UI.

Compliance can seem daunting, so the team sought to keep things simple. From the beginning, we set out to develop a brand that conveyed the accessibly straightforward, concise nature of PeopleClear. The end result is warm, approachable, and streamlined; inspiring confidence in the user.

The logo was designed to be versatile and futureproof, with many different uses in mind across multiple applications of communication collateral.

Letter head mockup for peopelclear
People clear logo on a cloth bag

Alongside the brand, we created a design system complete with UI kit for future development.

The Software

The PeopleClear SMCR software is a comprehensive tool for managing SMCR compliance. Users are notified appropriately when and how they should respond to notifications, and possess an array of abilities including uploading documentation through the software itself. Our aim was to take the hassle out of compliance, allowing busy users to focus on their day-to-day work.

peopleclear app mockup on ipad