Placing Talent In The Limelight Vogue Business Talent

Vogue Business Talent Dashboard Mockup on Laptop and iPhone

Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that needs little introduction.

Often found talking about fashion, they were keen to invite others to be part of the conversation by creating their own recruitment website.

We worked closely with Vogue’s team – both onsite and off – to create a talent website aimed at getting fashion graduates into the industry.

vogue models on catwalk
Vogue Business - image of model

Having spotted a gap in the recruitment business that caters to luxury fashion retail brands, Vogue approached us with an idea of carrying out market research into the project’s viability. Using a range of research methodologies, including assessing recruitment portals and marketing techniques, our team quickly established the value of such a niche service, especially one delivered by a brand like Conde Nast.

The next step was to pitch the idea to internal stakeholders, in order to gain buy-in from decision makers. Our teams combined efforts and created a fully outlined MVP that Vogue could launch to test viability in real time, at a cost that we felt would be attractive to decision makers.

A tailored approach

We kicked off our discovery phase, researching and identifying key user patterns that would benefit affordance within the UI, based on specific findings from our meeting.

Vogue Business layout on 5 iPhone XS

We decided to focus on ensuring user retention – sustaining users’ interest and engagement with the Vogue brand and their content.

In order to create the desired engagement, we quickly established within the UX phase that we would incorporate the vast, rich library of Vogue content throughout the experience.

Always on brand

We set aside space for companies in the form of profiles, allowing prospective applicants to better understand who they are applying to.

Even for a company as well known as Vogue, we believed in the importance of showing the alliance between service and clientele – inspiring confidence and trust in the user as they use Vogue Business Talent.

Vogue Business Full Desktop Screen Example
Vogue Business Talent - Three page example of company descriptions

Not just for this season

In conjunction with the Vogue team, we created a full UI suite, pertinent to the needs and requirements of Vogue Business Talent, robustly designed to help the service to flourish in the coming years.

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