We create memorable experiences that customers, employees and stakeholders actually want to use.

Website design should be beautiful but it also needs to work. A good website will blend eye-catching visual design with a thoughtfully crafted user experience. A truly great website will make complex journeys simple, streamlining decision making, and engaging (and surprising!) users.

At fastfwd we take a scientific approach to web design, using analytical tools and experience of visitor behaviour to craft ideal user journeys and marry these with exceptional aesthetic instincts to create excellence in user experience.

Our processes ensure that not only is the design visually beautiful, but also commercially engaging for site visitors. Any of our dozens of delighted clients would recommend that you get in touch for a free consultation.



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Wireframing is essential to the development of every digital product. If you’re looking for the best result, wireframing is an important step in the development of a new site or app. Wireframes can address issues early on in the design phase, so that you can feel confident in investing in a a website that is truly fit for purpose. This ensures that key questions are answered, and solidifies before the the production phase begins. Wireframing is the first step in making your ideas reality.

Our project management and design team can work with you to create comprehensive wireframes that help you visualise the end product. Our ultimate goal is to save you money, time and heartache by providing you with the ideal structure and layout for your vision.


Responsive Web Design

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We live in a mobile-first world, where new devices and technologies proliferate. Websites should work across all screen sizes and devices; including mobile, tablet and desktop. To provide a great user experience, having a website that works solely on desktop is not an option.

At fastfwd, we aim for pixel perfect every time. Our designers aim for perfection on mobile, tablet and desktop, designing beautiful websites with user experience and conversions in mind. We know what you want from your website and we go beyond to deliver it.


Mobile Web Design

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With over 70% of traffic coming from mobile devices, any forward-thinking business owner thinks mobile first. Mobile users navigate your site in a completely different way to desktop. If you want all mobile traffic coming to your site to convert, it is essential to create a mobile experience your users will remember.

Our design team are experienced and highly skilled in the art of mobile web design. We understand what it takes to create a website design that is stunning and boosts conversion rates. Whatever your business goals, we can use your vision and our skill to deliver a gorgeous, fully optimised mobile site.


CMS Web Design

There are challenges inherent in having a beautiful website where only the developers can upload and edit content. That’s why we offer a bespoke CMS web design service. We want to make life easier for your team, by creating a CMS design which caters to your every need and requirement. Whether you need to upload a document or update your website copy, our CMS solutions are what every company needs for maximum flexibility and content control.

Our in-house team of designers and developers will ideate and create the best custom CMS for your needs. Not only will it be easy to use, but also tailored to your exact business requirements. Off-the-shelf CMS certainly serve a purpose – but when these don’t meet your business needs, our bespoke CMS solutions are at hand.

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UX Design

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Everything you do in business is for your customers. As far as your website is concerned, your users should be at the forefront. Our designers understand this and take a user-centric approach to designing websites. This means that every decision – from navigation layout to button placement – is made with the end user in mind. With such attention to detail, we are always confident that our websites provide the ultimate user experience (UX) to potential customers.

With the full product cycle in mind, our in-house designers work with our marketing team to ensure conversion is positively impacted by the design and top-performing elements are maintained. Our UX expertise can transform your site, providing a boost to the conversions and engagement of your website.


eCommerce Design

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Your eCommerce site could be a goldmine for your business, when fully optimised. Data-driven eCommerce research and design fuels conversions, sales and revenue through your website. We produce strategic eCommerce website designs that function beautifully across all platforms and devices.

We put conversion at the forefront. Our designs aim to make buying online easy. We showcase your products in the way that is most intuitive to your users, and match our designs to your brand personality.

At fastfwd, our design team are well-versed in designing for eCommerce. Over the years, they have perfected their craft, designing websites that are not only unique but designed with conversion in mind.