Web Development Support

Even the best websites in the world need to be regularly monitored and updated. The digital world is ever-changing, making any site susceptible to new security flaws, bugs and possible cracks.

To minimise the risk of your site going down and affecting your business sales, invest in a web development support team to keep your website in optimum condition.

Having a beautiful website is one thing, but like anything else, it requires maintenance. To ensure the best quality of service on your website, you’ll need it to be regularly tested, backed up and updated to keep up with the latest web technologies out there. At fastfwd, we offer a range of web development support services to ensure that your website stays running in perfect condition.

QA Testing Services

Happy with the general look of your website, but wondering if there are any major glitches or bugs on certain devices? Our QA testing services are designed to test your website on a range of devices, screen sizes and browsers to ensure your site looks and behaves as it should across multiple devices.

Our website testers can test your site on everything from the latest iPhone to browsers like Edge and Opera. We thoroughly test your site for any technical bugs and design issues, as well as mistakes in your copy. If you prefer, we can also fix any issues for you, so your site delights and converts users, however they are experiencing it.

Website Administration Support

If staff are technically inexperienced, or simply extremely busy, it can be easy to overlook the basic admin tasks that go into running a website, such as checking that emails are working or content is updating correctly. Our team of experienced website administrators can help you with a range of regular tasks, such as:

  • Checking and fixing issues with emails
  • Troubleshooting bugs and issues on your site
  • Optimising images
  • Uploading and updating content via CMS
  • Monitoring site performance over time

Anything that’s necessary for your website, our website administrators can help you with it. We ease the everyday pressure of admin, so that you can focus on growing your business while we take good care of your website.

Website & Code Updates

In the world of web, technology can quickly become out-dated. When this happens, your site can begin to behave sluggishly if not updated regularly. Our in-house website developers can regularly monitor your site, so that when it’s time for an update, we can seamlessly update your site without negatively impacting its performance. With regular updates and code changes, your site can continue to survive the ever-changing digital landscape for years to come.

Website Backups & Security

Cybercrime is on the rise. With so much personal data flying around the internet, there is always the risk of this data getting leaked or misused by a cyber-criminal. Each day, hackers come up with new ways to infiltrate sites, and each day your site needs to have a strong barrier to protect itself. Our website support team can review and test your site for any security flaws, as well as regularly updating it to prevent any cyber-attacks. We will even take manual off-site back-ups to ensure your site is safe in the case that a serious attack occurs.

Domain & Hosting Maintenance

Website hosting is a key part of keeping your website up and running smoothly. Our website support team can regularly monitor the speed and uptime of your site to ensure that it is consistently running error-free. If we notice any hiccups in your uptime or speed, we can contact your hosting provider on your behalf to fix the issue and return your site to optimum condition. As well as regular monitoring, we can also help you with server maintenance, security, malware removal, SSL certificates and DNS assistance.

If you don’t have the technical experience or just need a helping hand, contact our team to talk about our website support services.