Web and app development is at our core as an agency. We build websites, web apps and mobile apps that integrate with existing systems and scale over time.

When it comes to custom web development, the secret to success is planning. Using the measure-twice, cut-once approach to software engineering, our skilled developers build websites and applications that you can rely on for marketing and business-critical functions.

A website seldom lives in isolation these days. As part of a suite of digital assets, a well-integrated website will communicate with CRM, ERP and accounting suites. We have an outstanding track record of developing custom integrations, APIs and middleware; enabling our clients to work in a seamless digital continuum of platforms.

Our teams are tech-agnostic. We have the capability to work on most programming languages and platforms. We have worked on large WordPress and Umbraco-based websites and are also experts in custom building PHP Laravel and .NET applications.

fastfwd has advanced experience in building eCommerce, brochureware and brand sites, as well as web and mobile apps. Our development teams ensure cross-browser, cross-platform and multi-device compatibility.

We also offer consulting services, designed to engage with management teams to decide on the best technology stack for any business. A robust strategic process supports the decision-making process, offering technical knowledge and perspective to help you make the right choices.

Any of our dozens of delighted clients would recommend that you get in touch for a free consultation immediately.


Digital Web Consultancy

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Web development is in our blood, and fastfwd is an experienced digital web consultancy. We are on hand to assist at any stage of the process, whether you are scoping out a new project or require support during a particular project stage. Need help deciding on a PHP website or one built in .NET? We can assist in the decision process. Our team can also go beyond technical knowledge to advise you in areas of SEO, design and marketing. By working with you to illuminate the bigger picture, we can structure your site’s impact on your overall digital strategy. After all, a successful online strategy requires more than your website alone. It’s about how your website can be integrated with other channels to create a unified experience for your customers

As one of the top digital agencies in Birmingham, we can review your current website and recommend practical advice to make it 100 times better. Our diverse team of developers, designers and marketers can transform your site, and work to support your business model.


Web Development Languages

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We speak your language. Our multilingual developers are fluent in a range of languages and frameworks. We can guide you to find the language that is best for your needs, or get stuck in with the language you prefer. Talk to us.


Web Development Platforms

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We put the power in your hands. Choosing the right platform or content management system is where beautiful design meets practicality of use. We match stunning front end to an equally gorgeous backend. You’ll get a platform engineered to meet your needs, and the confidence of knowing you have the tools to take control of your content.


App Development

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Mobile and web apps built on clean, elegant code. Always engineered with your commercial goals foremost in mind; we help you choose the perfect framework for your ideas to take flight. iOS to Android, cross-platform to native; build the ideal application for your business needs. From boundary-pushing new concepts, to sleekly simple MVPs – come create with us.


Web Development Support

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Developing a new site is only one stage in the life cycle of a website; maintaining a website is another thing entirely. So many things can impact the performance of your site – like hosting, messy coding, migration problems and security leaks. To make sure your website runs smoothly and maintains its security, our development team offer support services to perfect your site.

Our in-house team specialises in everything from AWS hosting to coding languages such as PHP and .NET. Whether you need someone to upgrade your hosting or review your codebase, we’re here to help and give your website a much-needed boost.


Front-end Development

Bring your website design to life with our all-in-one front-end development services. A stunning design should look just as beautiful on mobile as it does on desktop. Our designers push the boundaries when it comes to creativity; and our front end developers match this with beautiful, pixel-perfect code; using the latest technology to achieve your dream website. fastfwd focus not just on a site’s look, but its feel; we take into account the whole digital experience. From design and page speed to usability, our front-end work takes the whole project ecosystem into account to produce a result that delights users.

We think out of the box to create websites that are beautifully original; surprising the user with the unexpected, yet employing familiar UX standards so that users can easily navigate. Our front-end developers never compromise user experience. Instead they find the perfect balance between beauty and usability.


Back-end Development

The backbone to all websites is back-end development. Brilliant back end is the superbrain of your site. It supports a stunning-looking website with intelligent functionality and the ability to meet your exact business requirements. What makes great back-end development is part the latest and greatest technology, amd part clean code. We think first, and then code – making sure that the simplest, most logical solution is always used.

Working with fastfwd means that you’re working with some of the best back end developers in the UK. Our developers cover a range of languages and frameworks including PHP, Laravel, .NET and more. Our development work is supported by our in-house SEO team to create a website that meets all SEO standards, designed to conquer the organic search results. What more can you ask for?


Competition Site Development

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No-one wants boring contests! As an experienced digital contest marketing agency, fastfwd specialise in creating competitions that pack a punch, delighting your marketing team, and your users. From development to delivery and beyond, our contests get the results you want. Whether that’s awareness, engagement or lead generation, our bespoke contest solutions are designed to simply work.

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